IG-PRO Interceptor is fast agile and maneuverable, yet tough enough to withstand the harshest environments imaginable. This high-performance amphibious boat is created to handle any situation encountered during patrol and border protection missions in coastal and shallow locations. The IG-PRO Interceptor multi-mission is perfect for applications ranging from border protection and port security to high speed interception. With its ultra-modern hull, the IG-PRO Interceptor offers incredible stability at high speeds for targeting, excellent crew protection and comfort.

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IGPRO-Interceptor-at sea


The unique amphibious capability of this boat opens a new era. Iguana Pro are fast and efficient boats riding at speeds up to 50 knots and have the capability to land. The singular mobility system is driving on a pair of rubber tracks enabling unparalleled adeptness on all terrains. By pressing a button, it only takes 8 seconds to shift the landing gear. Performance is the core of Iguana Pro.

Emergency situation at sea requires efficient and simple solutions to deliver first aid assistance. Saving people is a matter of time, meaning speed and proximity. Casualties need quick first aid and safe and fast transportation. Fast amphibious boats are the perfect response to these tasks. With their flexible deployment ability, units can be spread to offer fast and efficient assistance. The amphibious capability is the perfect answer. Security tasks need operational reaction. Deployed shore-based patrol boats is the relevant response. As soon as an illegal activity is detected, the stealthy Iguana Pro quickly intercepts the intruder. From its shadow surveillance spot on ground the interceptor speeds up to the target, taking benefit of the surprise to perform efficient and proportional response.


Designed specifically, rescue vessels have features that enable to focus on saving lives. Every detail will assist the operators to succeed. With the ability to be based strategically and fast speeds the Rescue can pursue operations even in remote and inaccessible areas. The amphibious capacity allows bringing back ashore injured people. The IG-PRO Rescue is the perfect response for applications ranging from fighting to life saving.

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It only takes 8 seconds for the landing gear to fold and deploy


Built with sheer simplicity and fitted with the very last technology, the powertrain architecture is developed specifically to be both efficient and extremely resistant. Hydraulic propulsion combined with simple mechanisms provides long-term operation and easy maintenance.


Overall length9.40 m
Beam3.20 m
Weight3 900 kg
Overall height3.30 m
Maximum payload1 200 kg
Maximum speed50 kts
Integral fuel tank2x250 l
Maximum ground speed7 km/h


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